“Carmen is the symbol of the inspiring, overwhelming and exalted woman.”
Carmen takes place in Seville around 1830, starring a beautiful gypsy with fiery temper. Carmen, with her free love, seduces corporal Don Jose, an inexperienced soldier. Carmen’s relationship with the soldier motivates it to reject his previous beloved one, mutiny against his superior and, as a deserter, join a group of smugglers. Finally, when she leaned her love over the bullfighter Escamillo, jealousy lead to Don Jose to commit the murder of Carmen.

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It is the production that Ballet Flamenco de Madrid premiered in the 2014 season and is the first anthology the company created consisting of 6 experienced solo dancers led by one of the best choreographers in Spain and includes 4 live talented flamenco musicians contributing with their best ideas and recovering the most important forgotten classic flamenco sets on stage and bringing out the most orthodox flamenco accompanied by the poetry of Jose Marti as the leading thread adapted to the back and forth singings.

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This is the bright scenic cantata by Carl Orff that has being hailed by audiences worldwide since it was released in 1937. Over the years, many shows have been mounted around the great work of the German composer, but none with flamenco as its centerpiece. Ballet Flamenco de Madrid dares to perform Carmina Burana which, for the first time, is carried out through flamenco. The mixture of these twenty profane-and-sacred medieval poems with the steps in this Spanish genre is an especially attractive bet that the dancers of our company versioned obtaining great success wherever it goes.

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It is a rich and imaginative proposal where the choreography, lighting and costumes interwine offering the viewer a different musical, hard to define … but excellent to enjoy. A Spanish show, which was created from Spain for everyone to transform our knowledge into something universal, a musical and visual work that will not ever be forgotten. España Baila Flamenco is a mixture of choreographies in which the Hispanic influence has been a major inspiration.

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